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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Movie to Help Japanese Accept Their Past?

I never thought of a movie as being able to help the Japanese accept their wartime past, but actor Ken Watanabe seems to think it might be the case.

The movie is about the bloody World War II battle for Iwo Jima, in which Watanabe plays a main role.

"As we went through this film we realised that, until now, we haven't really looked at Japan's past. We kind of looked away from it," Watanabe said. "But we have to look at it and accept the fact that this is what our fathers and grandfathers have actually done."

"Accepting the reality is the first step," he said at a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.

In the film Red Sun, Black Sand to be released in the US in December, Watanabe plays the general who loses the battle, causing the deaths of many young Japanese soldiers who followed his orders.
Even without that, it should be an interesting movie. There have been some exceptionally well done war movies lately with Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Let's hope this keeps up the string.