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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Korea Wave Alive and Well in Japan

Despite some nationalists efforts to stem the tide, the Korean Wave seems to be going strong.

From the article:

South Korean superstar Lee Byung Hun and a host of special guests enchanted some 42,000 fans during a special fan event at Tokyo Dome on Wednesday.

As part of the event, Lee chatted with actress Choi Ji Woo, singer Zero, who sang the theme song of Lee's hit drama, "Utsukushiki Hibi" (Beautiful Days), and a few other guests.
42,000 show up for this guy? Okay, then, good thing they had a play about his life. (picture me rolling my eyes)

I'll never understand 'fans' like this. The guys an actor. You have no idea what he is like in real life. He could be a complete misogynistic ass. He could be a moron that graduated on his looks alone. He could be just one of the guys, a great person to hang with. Who knows? I get tired of this superficial crap that is 'fandom'.