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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Koizumi Tries to Avoid Yasukuni Controversy

So, Henry Hyde rips Koizumi a new one and tells him to stop visiting the shrine. Basically says he wouldn't be welcome speaking in front of congress without his promise that he wouldn't visit anymore. So, how does the PM respond?

"Not only are there no plans for a Congressional speech, we've expressed no desire for one,'' Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said today at a regular press conference. "If there's a misunderstanding over the Prime Minister's Yasukuni visits, we must work to gain understanding.''
What a cop out.

Still, I'm glad to see this gaining more and more attention. Here's hoping this becomes a major issue during his visit, enough so that he is forced to respond. Also, here's hoping the President doesn't try and smooth this over or avoid the issue altogether as he seems want to do when it comes to Japan. As more of the world takes notice the leaders of Japan are going to have to respond or find themselves becoming the pariah of Asia.