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Monday, May 08, 2006

고들빼기 kimchi making time!

Last night it was time to make 고들빼기 kimchi! What is 고들빼기 kimchi you ask? I have no freakin idea. All I know is some Korean lady went to the mountains, picked all these herbs (weeds imho), brought them back and my wife and her friend made kimchi.

This kimchi is a little different. There is a three day preprocess. This includes soaking in salt water, rinsing and other stuff. Supposedly, this removes the bitterness, although some remains as that is important to the taste.

So, have any of you ever had 고들빼기?

Below are some photos of the process.

Yummy looking, eh?

Mixing it all up.

Gotta have plenty of garlic!