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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Japan Forms Company to INCREASE Sales of Whale Meat

Bastards. Why do they keep pushing this? Just let the industry die already.

The body conducting Japan's research whaling said Tuesday it will seek to expand the market for whale meat by consigning sales to a recently established company.

The company, set up on May 1 with investment from a private consultant, will start selling in late June the meat of whales caught for scientific purposes, the Institute of Cetacean Research said. The company aims to sell 1,000 tons of meat over the coming year.
Yep, Japanese consumers don't want it. Schools don't want it. It has caused worldwide criticism. So, what do they do? Well, instead of slowly letting the industry die of its own dead weight, they decide to look for other avenues to sell the meat. GAH!!!

The sales company plans to explore new customers such as hospitals by highlighting the meat's high protein and low calories, institute officials said. The company will also sell the meat on the Internet.
That's sure to help relations!

While the domestic distribution channels for the meat have been shrinking since the moratorium, supply of whale meat is expected to grow.

During whaling between November and March in the Antarctic Ocean, the institute caught 853 minke whales, more than twice the quota in the previous whaling.

Supply of whale meat for the current business year through next March is estimated at 5,500 tons, up from 4,000 tons a year earlier.

Any attempt to sell more whale meat could draw fierce criticism from anti-whaling countries and groups around the world. Possibly reflecting such concerns, the new company's corporate charter says it will exist only for five years.
Let's hope that it dies a quiet death at the end of five years.