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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Japan Allows South Korea Illegal Immigrant to Return

A Korean woman who was living illegally in Japan was deported and then allowed to return to raise her children.

A South Korean woman was allowed to reenter Japan on Tuesday, after being deported in April last year, so that she can live together with her two Japanese-born children who stayed behind Osaka.

The Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau designated Ko Un Yol, 40, as "a fixed domicile resident" after she arrived at Kansai airport from South Korea.

Ko initially came to Japan in 1991 with a temporary visitor's visa and gave birth to the children, aged 13 and 9, fathered by a South Korean man who had permanent residency status in Japan. The couple later separated due to opposition from the man's relatives.

While the two children are recognized as fixed domicile residents, Ko left Japan for South Korea last year after she overstayed her visa.
Chalk one up for compassion.