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Friday, May 05, 2006

Is China Playing Dirty When it Comes to North Korean Nukes?

Fascinating editorial by a UCLA prof.

China is acting in bad faith on the Korean nuclear issue. That's the provocative suggestion now coming from some Western intelligence circles. It's a scary, foul and ultimately upsetting thought. It may also be wrong.
It's true, we are hearing this more and more. China is playing dirty, not being forthright in negotiating this issue. It also doesn't surprise anyone because, well because we all know that China is evil. Still, even evil people have brains.

And so if Hu is some day unveiled as a secret double-dealer on the vital North Korean nuclear question, then the Chinese president would be playing right into the hands of those factions in Japan that would wish his country the most harm.

No one has ever said that Hu is dumb. Therefore, the conspiracy theory by which China is playing Asia and the West for suckers on the Korean question makes no sense at all. It makes more sense to believe that China means what it said and did when it helped formulate the statement of principles last year and then, to great fanfare, put its signature to the document. Any other scenario for China would be just plain dumb.
So, I guess it just goes back to North Korea being duplicitous.