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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Right-Wing Continues its Advance in Japan

JAPAN'S ruling coalition agreed today to revise education laws to promote patriotism in schools, a taboo since World War II.
The proposal has triggered opposition among liberals including Japan's teachers' association, which say it is reminiscent of the nationalism seen in Japan before and during the war.
What can I say. We continue to watch and be wary.

If approved by Parliament, where Mr Koizumi's coalition holds a strong majority, it would be the first revision since the law was enacted in 1947.

Patriotism would be listed as an educational goal and defined as "an attitude which respects tradition and culture, loves the nation and homeland that have fostered them, and contributes to international peace and development".

The current education law, which was enacted under the US occupation, stipulates the need for compulsory schooling and equal opportunities, carefully avoiding any mention of patriotism.
Another mistake in a long list of them.