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Friday, April 14, 2006

Japan Raises Tension Levels

I guess Japan is just determined to piss off their neighbors.

South Korea asked Japan on Friday to cancel a planned maritime survey near South Korean-administered islets called Dokdo in South Korea and Takeshima in Japan, the Japanese Embassy in Seoul said.

Tokyo dismissed the request, which South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Yu Myung Hwan delivered to Japanese Ambassador to South Korea Shotaro Oshima at the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry.

The Japanese government posted a public notice earlier Friday about its plan to send a survey vessel from the Japan Coast Guard to conduct maritime surveys in the Sea of Japan, which South Korea calls the East Sea.

Yu told Oshima that South Korea demands an immediate halt to the survey, saying the survey area includes South Korea's Exclusive Economic Zone.

In response, the Japanese envoy told Yun the survey will be conducted within Japan's EEZ without violating international maritime law, and called for a "cool-headed" response to the issue.

Oshima added that Japan cannot accept any South Korean action against an official Japanese vessel.
Oh please. You must respond cool-headedly to our provocation. GAH.

Time for some naval bombardment practice by South Korea. "Oh, we've had this planned for months."

UPDATE: Robert gives this a much more thorough, less sarcastic analysis than I do. Read his now.