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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Current Dokdo Situation

Folks, I'm going to step back on this as other blogs are doing a masterful job of covering the situation.

My opinion, Japan is pushing an issue that it really shouldn't at this time.
Typically, some Koreans are over reacting, some are doing the proper thing.

Let's hope calm heads prevail and no blood is shed. Then go back to the negotiation tables and don't leave until borders are secured by written and signed agreements.

Personally, I think it is time for Japan to finally concede the issue of ownership. For this, Korea should be willing to allow liberal interpretation of current international law and grant fishing rights to Japanese fishermen that more than make up for the concession. Finally, strict rules on movement of military vessels through this area needs to be codified and enforced to stop any accidents.

Those that violate the rules should be dealt with firmly.

Just my thoughts.

UPDATE: As usual, The Marmot is all over there. Read here then here. He has it sliced, diced, sautéed, chopped, smused, mushed and ready to go.