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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Female on Throne in Japan Could Destroy "Pure Blood"

Following on the heals of my post on racism, we now have this...

Dozens of conservative lawmakers and their supporters Wednesday attacked a proposal to let females and their descendents ascend to the Chrysanthemum Throne, warning the move threatens a centuries-old tradition -- and could even allow foreign blood into the Imperial line.


Hiranuma, however, warned the reform could corrupt the Imperial line, which he said has been the supreme symbol of Japanese national and ethnic identity for centuries.

"If Aiko becomes the reigning empress and gets involved with a blue-eyed foreigner while studying abroad and marries him, their child may be the emperor," Hiranuma told about 40 lawmakers, academics and supporters at a Tokyo hall. "We should never let that happen."

Oh my hell, horror of horrors, my blue eyes have invaded! I guess I just never realized how sexy and seductive us blue eyed foreign devils are. One wink and the empress of Japan will swoon. I'm sorry, but this so ridiculous. Instead of finding ridiculous excuses for your misogynistic views, just admit that you feel women are a lesser being and you don't want one of them being the royal representative of Japan. I mean, couldn't an emperor marry a blue-eyed woman and have a mixed-raced son?

The argument being made is completely ridiculous. If you want to ensure the blood of the royalty is "pure" just do what other nations have done. If she marries a foreigner, she steps down from the throne. Pretty simple solution. But instead of saying that, Hiranuma comes off as a racist bastard.

Feel the love folks...

Update: While doing my morning reading, I see that Japundit has a post on this as well. As they most certainly beat me to the punch, I want to give them their do. Their comments seem to reflect my view as well.