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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Buy our Beef or else!

Finally! The US is tired of this game the Japanese are playing over importing US beef. It is truly the most ridiculous thing ever and for the US to accept the ban on US beef has been galling. Well, the US has finally decided to play tough.

U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte criticized Japan on Tuesday and hinted at slapping sanctions on it for reimposing an import ban on U.S. beef, saying the United States would not stop automobile imports just because of defective parts.

"Their closing their entire market...would be like the United States saying to the Japanese, we're closing our entire market to Japanese...automobiles because we find...some defective brakes, defective steering columns, other defective things," Goodlatte told reporters after meeting a visiting delegation of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan.

In a statement issued after the meeting, Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, also warned Japan that it will face "a very dramatic response" from the U.S. Congress if Tokyo fails to quickly resume the imports.

Damn straight! He then goes on to say exactly what I said earlier...gee wonder if he is reading my blog? ;-)

The U.S. Congress "is very tired of having to deal with this bureaucratic, protectionist matter that is using alleged public health concerns in Japan as a pretext for what is clearly protectionist for Japanese beef producers," he said.

U.S. lawmakers had introduced a bill requiring the government to slap economic sanctions on Japan if Tokyo failed to lift the import ban by the end of last year.

"Our constituents are losing patience and the Congress is losing patience," Goodlatte said. "Enough is enough."

"Japan enjoys a tremendous trade surplus with the United States and I think they are very insensitive to the fact the beef is one of the U.S. largest exports to Japan," he said. "It is becoming more and more difficult to justify keeping our markets open when our producers don't enjoy the same benefits with other countries."

Woo! Finally! It's time to get tough with this protectionist crap from Japan.