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Friday, January 20, 2006

Whaling...again...couple other thoughts...

In the comment section of my last post on whaling I was taken to task for not condemning the other whaling nations. So, I'm asking for article on Korea and their whaling industry.

As far as condeming other, European nations for whaling, I just don't deal with Europe here much. this blog is 95% about Asia, 95% of that about Korea, Japan and China with most of that about the relations between the three.

Still and all, I would love some articles on Korean whaling.

Oh, a couple of other things. If you look at my blogroll, if blogrolling is up today and you can see the blog roll, most of them are about Korea. I read these sites daily if not more. They do an EXCELLENT job of nailing Korea on just about every stupid thing that happens there. I really don't want to regurgitate the same material here. Normally, I'll make a comment on their site. Just because I don't constantly condemn Korea here doesn't mean I think they are somehow holy and untouchable. Others are just doing a better job (without the ridiculous crap you get on some of the anti-Korea sites) of commenting on the ludicrous, stupid and asinine things that happen there. Oranckay and Marmot are just two examples of sites that seem to miss nothing. I really don't want to try and compete with them. Hell, I was probably one of Marmots first readers and back in the day, with access to a blog that had about 10K readers a day, did my best to pump up his readership. Besides constanting sending stuff to the professor for instalaunches on his site.

Back in the day of undergraduate studies, I studied the history of Korea, China and Japan, focus on Korea. I considered continuing to study Asian History until marriage and children meant a need to earn money. So, my study focus changed. Before changing my studies though, I spent a serious amount of time studying the colonial period. I interviewed literally hundreds who lived through part of that period, WWII and the Korean War. Hearing their stories and rememberances has certainly given shaped my attitude on Asian affairs and how certain things should be handled. Probably the main reasons why I can't shrug off the past like so many would like.

So, you get the focus I have hear. People have called it anti-Japan. I call it anti-hypocracy. People say I'm anti-Japanese. I disagree. Again, I just get tired of the hypocracy. I get tired of an apology and then a visit to yasukuni. People say the Japanese remember their past and don't agree with the 'fringe' right-wing elements and then an incredibly racist comic book sells hundreds of thousands of copies.

Those are the things I'm pointing out, the lies, the under current, the blatant hypocracy. With the whaling issue, as far as I understand it, the other nations that whale don't make any bones about it. While again, I disagree with whaling from any nation, they make no bones about it. Japan tries to do it under the guise of "research." Stop the hypocracy. If you are going to whale just come out and do it and don't try to hide your actions behind some lame excuse.

Finally, I'm trying to bring some balance to this little corner of the blog world. From the fervor and vitriolic responses from some, I seem to have struck a chord.

Oh, if you want to disagree with me, great. If you want to disagree and have a dialogue, just be polite. Curzon and I seem to rarely agree, but I always learn from his replies and his posts and I appreciate his politeness.

Anyway... I'll probably make posts like this every once in a while so folks can understand, and, if they like disagree...just be polite.