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Friday, January 20, 2006

Japan's Courts get it right again, sort of...

First the death penalty case, which they nailed exactly, and now this, which they sort of get!

The Japanese government is set to compensate former leprosy patients from foreign countries who were incarcerated in isolation centres during Japanese colonial rule, media said on Thursday.

A Tokyo court late last year rejected the government's claim that a law mandating compensation to all former leprosy patients confined in special centres under a draconian long-term policy did not apply to former colonies, such as Taiwan and South Korea.

The same court, in a controversial decision, said former Taiwanese patients were entitled to compensation, but that South Koreans were not.

On Thursday, however, officials in the ruling coalition agreed that all one-time leprosy patients from Japan's former colonies would be entitled to receive 8 million yen ($69,430) in compensation, Kyodo news agency said.

According to a compensation law, Japanese patients are entitled to receive from 8 million to 14 million yen.

They got the payoff part right, but what's the deal with the part I bolded. Yes for the Taiwanese but screw the Koreans?

This is something I'll have to look further into. I hadn't heard about those with Hansen's disease being incarcerated before.