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Thursday, January 19, 2006

5 men apply for Playboy shoot

Heh, I found this rather humorous.

A Playboy model search for pretty boys? No, but even so, five men applied for the "Playboy 2006 Korea Model Contest" sponsored by the Cable channel, Spice TV, the local network of Playmodel Media Group. These male applicants, 6 feet (180cm) or taller with movie star-good looks, are in their early 20s and judging by their attempts to apply for the contest, courageous too.

The reason behind their endeavor to enter a women-only model search event? Reportedly they had never heard of the world-famous nude magazine, Playboy. While pretty much any male who grew up in the 70's or 80's had seen the magazine at least once, the younger generation is, in reality, not familiar with the publication as they have little interest in sex-related magazines due in no small part to more easily accessible internet sites of that nature.

The sponsor said that they have returned the applications of the five men, speculating that they may have interpreted the word "playboy" literally and thought it would be a contest for "playful men."

The joys of a foreign language.