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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tojo's Grandaughter Opposes Removal of Name From List

A granddaughter of Hideki Tojo, Japan's wartime prime minister who was hanged as a Class-A war criminal after the war, reiterated on Sunday her opposition to removing her grandfather and other Class-A war criminals from the list of those enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine.

According to Yuko Tojo, an official of the association of bereaved families of Japanese soldiers who died in World War II sought consent in 1985 from Tojo's kin about a proposal to separate the war criminals from the war dead honored at the Shinto shrine.

She said on a Fuji Television news program that the Tojo family rejected the idea, however, and still hold the same view at this stage.

That would be fine, I guess, for a family to be upset. Personally, if my grandfather was a convicted Class A war criminal, I might feel a bit of shame, but that's just me.

Still, here is the quote that says it all!

"It's an issue of state and not a problem of a private individual. It's also not an issue of whether to withdraw enshrinement after a foreign country made a claim," she said. "It will be tantamount to admitting that the last war was a war of aggression."

That says it all. That is why I have such a hard time with all of this "we've apologized" crap and "we've paid our debt" crap. This attitude that many Japanese have of, it wasn't our fault! Excuse me?!? Excuse me?!? Your DAMN WAR OF AGGRESSION CAUSED THE DEATH AND SUFFERING OF UNTOLD MILLIONS!

While holocaust deniers are considered fringe whack jobs, people like the granddaughter of Tojo are appearing on national TV and are taken seriously. It makes me want to puke. Don't give me this crap that most Japanese understand their history. Horsehockey! If that was the case, opinions like hers would only appear on fringe websites and if they were nationally broadcast, they would be condemned like Pat Buchanan.

I'll say it again, it is time for Japan to apologize. REALLY apologize, not the half-hearted crap they have done so far. A REAL apology.