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Friday, June 10, 2005

Joint History Project Report Completed and Released

What a glorious day! Scholars from Japan and Korea, united to bring understanding to the history between both nations. This august group, each committed to utter and complete neutrality, worked tirelessly so that we can finally put difficult issues to rest.

Let's see how it went...

Japanese and South Korean historians presented differing views on key historical events involving the two countries in a report released Friday as part of a bilateral project aimed at promoting mutual understanding on history perceptions.

The nearly 2,000-page document comprising reports by scholars from the two countries showed conflicting interpretations, particularly on modern and contemporary issues.

In the reports, South Korean historians say Japan forced Korea to accept the Second Japan-Korea Agreement in 1905, which made Korea a Japanese protectorate, and the 1910 Annexation Treaty. TheSouth Koreans say these pacts were invalid because procedures for their signing and ratification were lacking.

A Japanese scholar asserts, however, that there were no conditions that would make the treaties invalid under international law.


A group of scholars started work on the joint study the following year and took until May this year to complete their reports, one year behind schedule, apparently due to differences on interpretations and theories on many issues.

hmmm... Maybe next time.

You can view the full report in Korean or Japanese here.