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Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm in total shock...

From the unequaled Coming Anarchy, Young Husband favors us with this piece of news that has boggled my mind. I seriously have no comment as I'm afraid to what I would say.

Despite having labeled a man as “worse than a pervert” for performing indecent acts on his 7-year-old daughter and then e-mailing images of his deeds to friends, a judge allowed him to walk free.

The Yokosuka Branch of the Yokohama Family Court handed down a three-year sentence for breaking the Child Welfare Law on the 39-year-old Mie Prefecture man.

“Your words and acts while sexually abusing your own daughter caused her severe mental damage,” the presiding judge in the case said while handing down the ruling, but then he suspended the sentence for five years. “It’s a matter of course that your should go to jail. But then it’s hard on the girl if her father is in prison. Don’t ever do something like this again.”

The trial showed the man had molested his 7-year-old daughter on at least 10 occasions from August last year to February, using his mobile phone camera to film his deeds. He then sent the photos to a friend he had met through a pedophile website.

On the opening day of the trial on May 25, the judge lambasted the man.

“You’ve gone past mere perversion. You’re worse than a pervert. You’ve done something a normal father couldn’t even imagine doing. It was not the act of a human being. What are you going to do about the future of the daughter you’ve hurt so badly?” the judge told the man.

Like I said before, I'm at a loss. Comments are closed on this, please head over to Coming Anarchy to discuss it.

In the comments are one on the death penalty in Japan. A visitor left this link for a post on that subject. Somehow I think death is too easy a punishment for something this vulgar.