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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ABC's trip to North Korea a joke

Media Research center shows what a joke ABC's broadcast from North Korea truly was.

Last Thursday ABC framed a story from Bob Woodruff around how North Koreans hate Americans, but on Saturday Woodruff conceded that "because we were not allowed to bring in our own translator, we had to rely on our minders to tell us what people were saying." So they could have been praising Americans for all we know?

In his June 9 World News Tonight piece, Woodruff had showcased three 11-year-old girls whom he asked: "Do you know about America? Have you heard about America?" The translator then said that one girl answered: "They killed Korean people." Woodruff asked an 18-year-old man he found fishing: "What do you think about the Americans?" Woodruff relayed what the translator told him he answered: "'I curse them,' he said, 'as the sworn enemy of the Korean people.'" On Saturday, Woodruff also boasted that during his week of stories from North Korea that "not one word was censored" by his minders. As if that's anything to be proud of.
Nice, hope you're pleased with your propaganda piece. Next time maybe they will let you sit in an anti-aircraft gun and shot photos from there.

"Of course, there were many places completely off limits to us. They refused our request to visit their nuclear facilities. We didn't even bother asking to see military installations or the prison camps that North Korean defectors have described. But of the material we did gather, not one word was censored. And the only picture they stopped us from transmitting was this shot of the country's founder, Kim il Sung, because they said it was partly blocked by a tree. Even in this more open North Korea, there are still some absolute limits. Bob Woodruff, ABC News, Pyongyang."

Allowing one U.S. reporter to pass along images they like hardly constitutes a "more open" North Korea.

Amen on that. ABC should be ashamed.