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Monday, May 16, 2005

Koizumi to visit Yasukuni again this year

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi indicated Monday he will visit Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine again this year despite China's protests against his visits to the shrine, which it views as evocative of Japan's militaristic past.

Koizumi has again decided to show that his 'apologies' for past war crimes aren't worth the air used to make them. His political acumen is nonexistent as is his sense of decency.

I find it humorous that the article focuses only on China's protest. It isn't just China, it is any decent individual with a sense of history. It amazes me that the US felt it had to be so careful of Japanese sensibilities back in 1995 during the abortive attempt at an Enola Gay exhibit when you see just how insensitive Japan is towards others concerning their war atrocities.

"Other countries should not interfere with the ways countries pay tribute to the war dead," Koizumi said in response to a call by opposition Democratic Party lawmaker Yoshito Sengoku for the premier to stop the visits due to opposition from China and South Korea.

This is the Prime Minister of a nation that wants to have a seat on the security council of the UN? Good luck with that. If you can't find a way to get along with two of the most important nations to yours when it comes to economic concerns, regional concerns and security concerns; how in the world do you think you can handle the problems of the world?

Also, when your nation waged a war of imperialistic expansion that caused the deaths of 10s of millions of innocent people, I would think you might just want to listen to your neighbors when they are concerned with how you pay tribute to those who started that war. But, yes, who cares that your war criminals retarded the growth and prosperity of Korea for nearly 50 years. Who cares that you raped their women and used their men as slave labor and cannon fodder. Who cares that you slaughtered the citizens of China.

"The Chinese side says we should show our reflections on war by action, but Japan has shown our reflections on war by following the words that we would coordinate with the international community and never wage war," he said.

Ah yes, you see, forget our past crimes; crimes that are less than 60 years gone, crimes that have scared nations and people, people still living today. We haven't done it lately, isn't that all that matters? Whose concern is it if I go and worship at a shrine the deifies war criminals?

My contempt for Mr. Koizumi knows no limits. He isn't fit to wash the feet of a former "comfort woman." His actions again prove just how hollow Japan's so-called apologies have been. His actions remind me of so many criminals in today's world. He's isn't sorry for past war crimes and atrocities, he is just sorry they lost the war and were caught. He isn't apologizing out of any true sense of regret and remorse, he apologizes because it is politically expedient.

Go visit your shrine. Go show the world how little decency you have.