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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Koizumi Opens His Lips Even Wider

I think he wants to be able to insert not only his foot but his hands as well.

Maybe I have that wrong, maybe this is him:

Yeah, that's it.

Here is his latest screed:

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi urged Japan's Asian neighbors Monday "not to interfere" with its internal affairs by denouncing his visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

"Every country wants to mourn their war dead, and other countries should not interfere in the way of mourning," Koizumi told the House of Representatives Budget Committee.

"I still don't understand why it's inexcusable to pay homage and express (our) gratitude for the war dead as a whole," he said in response to a question by Yoshito Sengoku, the Democratic Party of Japan's policy affairs chief.

Followed by:

"As in the teachings of Confucius, it is the offense -- not the offenders -- that should be condemned," Koizumi said.

He also rejected Sengoku's claim that his repeated visits to Yasukuni remind other Asian nations of Japan's militarist past.

Criticism linking the Yasukuni visits to militarism "should not be taken seriously," Koizumi argued, saying Japan won its name in the international community as a pacifist country in the 60 years since the war.

Is he for real? Does he truly believe this or is he just trying to placate the right wing fanatic nut job portion of the government? Whatever the truth is, it is sad. He is either a complete idiot with no international relations savvy or he is a dupe for fascist nut job.

Way to go Koizumi. Hopefully Japan will get a decent Prime Minister next time.

UPDATE: Welcome to Dean Esmay readers. For more on this subject, here is my previous post when it was announced he was going to visit the shrine this year. Here is my post on why I believe Japan should apologize. Finally, my post on how I believe Japan should go about apologizing.