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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Japan's depravity worsens

Starting with this posting on problems in the US, things continue their downward spiral. Luckily, the articles below aren't from the US.

Home alone one weekend afternoon, Mr. Suzuki wanders into his teenage daughter's room and spots a magazine named EGG on her dressing table. Cracking EGG open, he finds a "Special Section on Sex" whose headline reads, "Key studies into the missionary position, on top, and doggy style!"

Suzuki's eyes bulge from their sockets. His face reddens. Even before reaching sweet 16, his little girl appears to be prepping for her initiation into sex -- if she hasn't graduated already.

EGG, reports Shukan Gendai, is the most popular of about 10 magazines for teenage girls, with a circulation of around 300,000. While contents feature stories on hair styles and makeup, each issue incorporates a section on sex.

"According to reader surveys, it's the mag's first or second most popular section," says an EGG contributor. "Girls know that being skilled at sex is the best way to get the attention of boys they like. And the more graphic the stories, the better."

Yeah, this is what our daughters need to be reading. While I haven't found a magazine this bad in the US geared towards young girls, what we have isn't great. Still, I was shocked to read this.

Among EGG's recent headlines were "The sexual world of men that women don't know. Part I: Erections" and "Ways to enjoy doing it in his car."

"Nuts" -- another teen zine (which sells 100,000) -- recently featured "I can't cook and hate cleaning, but I wanna get married! The complete shotgun wedding manual."

The June issue of "Ranzuki," (200,000 circulation) meanwhile, has "10 pieces of advice for when he sticks it in." (Examples: "Don't bellow out loud. No matter how good it feels, keep your voice down or you'll get a reputation for being a slut." And "Don't dig your nails into his back until he bleeds. But gentle pressure will excite him.")

I wonder what things I'll find next, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

I thank the Lord everyday for sending me a wonderful daughter, one with moral standards and a sense of decency.

The editors of the magazines above should be disgusted with themselves.