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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Japanese Apologize for Murdering Queen Min!

This was unexpected:

Two Japanese descendants of hired assassins who killed a Korean empress in 1895 have traveled to Seoul to apologize for their ancestors' deed.

Kawano Tatsumi and Leiri Keiko were among a delegation of 10 who visited the grave of the queen and her husband King Gojong, Channel NewsAsia reported Wednesday.
Unexpectedly, the arrived at the grave site while ancestors of the Korean royalty were there.

"I have come to apologize for what my grandfather did," Kawano said.

Descendants of the Korean royal family happened to be performing ancestral ceremonies at the tomb when the Japanese delegation arrived. Though they did not initially welcome the Japanese, they later allowed them to take part in the ceremony.
Now, maybe the rest of Japan could follow their example.