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Sunday, May 29, 2005

60% of Japanese tell Koizumi to NOT visit Yasukuni

Wow, this is a huge, huge shift.

Nearly three in five Japanese responding to a Kyodo News poll said Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi should not visit war-related Yasukuni Shrine this year, according to results released Saturday.

Those who gave that answer totaled 57.7 percent, marking an increase of 16.9 percentage points from a survey conducted in December, while those who said he should pay a visit decreased by 16.7 points to 34.3 percent.

Asked about their views on the Japanese government's efforts at improving ties with China that have been seen as being marred by the Yasukuni issue, 50.8 percent said they do not think sufficient efforts are being made, far outpacing the 11.5 percent who said efforts are adequate.

More and more, it is looking like the people of Japan have decided it is time for a change. I see this as a huge positive for the nation and for Asia. Let's hope this is only the beginning!