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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Karate Neophytes Lost on the Mountain

Got a chuckle out of this, especially since they all lived.

Three Singaporeans were lost for a day in the freezing mountains of Aomori, Japan on a quest to fulfil the dying wish of a family member by trying to find a karate master.

Nine others also joined them in their quest in Japan.

It was on Thursday that the Japanese media began reporting about the 13 Singaporeans in Aomori prefecture, northern Japan.

Three of them went missing on Wednesday in the mountains, where there was still two metres of snow.

Luckily, they were spotted trying to beat the freezing weather in an abandoned car.

They were dressed lightly, totally unprepared for the snow.

It was not the fact that they got lost that attracted media attention; rather it was their reason for being in Aomori.

They were in search of a karate master in Aomori's Soma village.

It was to fulfil the wish of a karate master in Singapore, who died some years ago, to find a man in Japan who possessed secrets about karate.

According to Ms Asari of Hirosaki City in Aomori, the group did not possess a photo or any concrete materials about the man, except that he was quiet, a widower and had two daughters.
Just makes me think of all the low budget, old karate flicks. "ummm...your master is strong, but not as strong as..."