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Friday, April 07, 2006

Just Leave the Guy Alone Already!

Looks like Hines Ward is cutting his trip and appearances short in Korea because of the obnoxious media.

Ward wanted to cancel all his remaining scheduled visits, but decided to make an exception for his meeting with biracial men and women of Korean nationality hosted by the Pearl S. Buck Foundation at Olympic Park on April 8.

Lim also announced that the Wards might even cancel their planned trip to Jeju Island.

The competitive reporting methods used by Korean media outlets are the cause. Everywhere the Wards go, scores of reporters follow their every move. Any chance of privacy seems out of the question. Ward’s celebrity status among Koreans makes his wish to travel and getting to know his birth country nearly impossible. Reporters flock to Ward’s official appearances and personal outings alike.

Geez, the guy just wanted to visit Korea with his mother and the media has turned it into a circus. Way to go guys! Piss off another person who could have done wonders for Korea's image. Idiots.
And to add insult to injury...

Ward is also angry at the excessive commercialism at his expense. A lawsuit is its way against a Korean publishing company that released a book about Ward without his consent. Ward’s mother Kim was especially angered by the false accounts in the book. “The book states I was beaten up and abandoned by my husband because I couldn’t speak English. These are all lies,” said the outraged mother. Ward plans to publicly warn the publisher and another company that acted as if it were his official representative at a press conference scheduled on April 11, the day of his departure. Ward rested at the hotel of his stay on April 7 and spent some rare private moments with his mother at the Yongin Everland theme park in the afternoon.