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Monday, April 10, 2006

Japanese Parents Producing Ill-mannered Brats...

And the parents aren't much better themselves...

"I work part-time at a family restaurant. The other day, a couple of mothers came into our place, each of them accompanied by two kids. As soon as I gave them all their glasses of water and menus, the kids got up and started dancing on top of the table -- without even taking their shoes off!! The parents didn't even look like stopping them," a waitress tells Josei Jishin. "They kicked over one of the glasses and water spilled in all directions. I raced over with a towel to wipe it up, when one of the mothers started telling me off. 'What the hell are you bringing water out for kids anyway? Are you out of your mind? Let's go,' she said, whisked up her kids and walked out of the restaurant.
Nice... What kills me is the parents attitude. The brats behavior is perfectly understandable considering the actions of the parent.

"When I went to take out some money, a little girl of elementary school age stood beside me and stared at the screen of the ATM I was using. When I gently told her not to peep at what I was doing, a bristling voice suddenly spat out from behind me with a barb: 'If the kid was smart enough to remember numbers that easily, I wouldn't have half the troubles I do,'" the housewife says. "When I turned around, the mother was giving me a really dirty look. I was just thinking that she should be more worried about teaching her kid some proper manners rather than staring daggers at me, when she spoke again: "Hurry up, will ya. I'm waiting around here.'
There's a mother and daughter that both need a bitchslapping.