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Monday, April 10, 2006

Great Britain an Embarrassment!

Taking some time to read some other blogs, I found this abomination!

British law also prohibits self defense - all forms of self-defense. If violent crime were a boxing match, the criminal would have the right to threaten and/or use lethal force, while the vicitm is restricted to Marquess of Queensbury rules (actually, Robert's Rules of Order).

I don't know why this issue pisses me off so much but it does. How dare someone question someone defending himself. I've made damn sure that my daughter is able to defend herself. She is a gorgeous young woman and I want her to know how to take care of herself. I want her to react swiftly and not wait for a situation to 'escalate.' I've drilled this into her and it came in helpful not long ago. A young man decided he could grab her anatomy in an inappropriate manner. This young man got a swift knee to the nuts and a swift kick to the face as he went down. She then walked away and called me on her cellphone. I was at the school immediately and in the principals office making sure her rights were protected. Luckily, we live in the US where, so far, we have the right to keep ourselves safe. The young man, although injured, was given no sympathy by the school. If we lived in England, this would probably be a different story and my daughter might have been the one in trouble.

There have been doubts expressed that a right to self-defense still exists in British law. Following one homicidal home burglary Dr. Ian Stephen, an Honorary Lecturer (Forensic Psychology) at Glasgow Caledonian University, told householders:

"If you attack the burglar, or react in an 'over-the-top' manner... you will inevitably end up on the receiving end of a prison sentence that will far outstrip that imposed on the intruder in your own home....
[W]hen individuals are confronted by intruders there are some actions they should follow. Direct contact should be avoided whenever possible. If unavoidable, the victim should adopt a state of active passivity..."
How thoroughly disgusting. My opinion of Great Britain is plummeting.

Read the rest of the article on your own.