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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Angus Hamilton, Korean Historian

During my recovery period, I thought I would write a little on Angus Hamilton. Angus was a historian who lived in Korea from the late eighteen hundreds until the end of 1903. He was there during a period of great upheaval when Korea was influenced from internal and external entities. Angus took it upon himself to write exclusively about what was happening in Korea. He saw the influences of America, France, England, Russia, China, Japan and other countries as well as the development internally with the intrigue of certain of the Korean ruling class as well as the King and Queen. A fascinating look at Korea, and interesting to read considering his time there being before the colonization by Japan so he doesn't look upon Japan's influence for what it was, a prelude to their invasion.

Let me know if you have any problems with the images.

Below is the cover of the book, part of the intro, and his writing on Seoul. I'll let you read his words.

Book cover


Notice his intro to the book, those he thanks and especially his reason for writing the book.

He writes about Seoul, his observations fascinating as he tells how quickly the city has changed.

Notice how he talks about the improvements to Seoul, schools, hospitals, banks and shops. Korea is massively changed in only a short period of time.

Jumping ahead, passing up his section on the formation of the postal service, I wanted to show those he feels responsible for the change.

This is just a start. I'll keep adding to this and talking about the interesting Angus Hamilton.