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Friday, April 07, 2006

Angus Hamilton - His Thoughts on Japanese in Korea

Just a couple more pages showing what Angus thought of the Japanese that were living in Korea. It needs to be understood that he credits Japan with pushing Korea to modernize as well as the massive amount of trade that they did with Korea compared to other countries. Much of his history seems to be written to prod England into securing a much greater role in Korea. Outside of Japan, he credits the US with pushing for modernization in Korea.

With this having been said, Angus did not think much of the Japanese that were in Korea.

One more thing, I will be posting the Table of Contents soon. If there is any part of the book that interests you that I haven't posted, I would be more than happy to scan those pages and make them available to you. I'm only posting pages that are relevant to this blog and the things that interest me.

Angus Hamilton's contempt and disdain for the Japanese in Korea certainly shows, which I find interesting considering the way others at this time perceived the Japanese. Maybe it has a lot to do with what Matt at Gusts of Popular Feeling wrote earlier. If so, they had little influence on Angus Hamilton.

There will be more to come from the indomitable Angus Hamilton.