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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tourists enjoy stay in Korea

Korea seems to be doing better than it used to.

The most popular shopping place was duty free shops at the airport for 57.6 percent, followed by department stores (41.9 percent) and Dongdaemun Market (30.6 percent). Itaewon Market was chosen by only 12.5 percent of respondents. Food and beverages topped the shopping list for 51.6 percent, followed by clothes (34.9 percent) and -- a special category -- kimchi (34.1 percent).

Asked what most impressed them in Korea, 65.4 percent answered Korean people and 45.9 percent said food. However, 70.1 percent said they had difficulty communicating, indicating that the nation has a long way to go in providing quality translation services for foreign tourists.

Still, the overall satisfaction level was 4.05 points out of five, suggesting the vast majority were happy with their travel experience. More than 63 percent of respondents said they hoped to visit Korea again within three years.

Not bad, not bad at all.