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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

President Roh nails Japan

Considering that I think he is one of the worst presidents ever to lead Korea, I was impressed with his March 1st speech memorializing the 87th anniversary of the March 1st Independent Movement.

``Leaders of the two nations pledged efforts to go in a reconciliatory and harmonious way last year. But Japan has changed little in the way it viewed its past,’’ Roh said, citing the unsettled disputes over the sovereignty of the Dokdo islets in the East Sea and distortions in Japanese history textbooks.

If Japan wants to become a leading country in the world, it must first win over the trust of the international community by respecting globally accepted principles of conscientious behavior, prior to building up its military power, the president emphasized in his strongly-worded speech delivered during a ceremony held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in central Seoul.

He added Japan should follow the way Germany dealt with its wartime history in order to be a true member of the world community.

He hit this exactly right. Unfortunately, Japan would rather ignore the past and try and buy their way to leadership. It's not enough to say, "See how many wonderful things we've done over the past 60 years." when you have yet to atone completely for the atrocities committed.

Considering those who are considered the leading candidates to replace Koizumi, I expect the situation to only get worse.

If you wish to read Koizumi and Abe's banal response, go here. It is the same self-delusional justifications they have given in the past.

(hattip the blogger formerly known as Marmot)