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Monday, March 13, 2006

My Name is Darin, and my rant needs fisking

Darin, blogger and frequent commenter on my site wrote an opinion piece just BEGGING to be fisked. I decided to be the one to do just that. Before beginning, let me assure you that I have nothing but respect for Darin, I enjoy his blog and his comments, no matter how misguided they might be. With that, let's begin.

Warning, this is a long and random rant that touches on so many many things, that I’m sure I will have offended about every idiot out there, but it needed to be done, someone needed to say it. The parties offended by the truth can proclaim their inability to see the truth by spouting the usual random stupid comments about how the Japanese race is a problem in the comment section.
Darin, just because you spout it doesn't make it the truth and while you might have many commentors that make stupid comments (I know because of email I got after putting your site on my blogroll), you have others with good insight.

Japan, China in new shrine row

“A German official told me that German people cannot understand how Japanese leaders can do this,” he said.

“This kind of stupid thing is not moral in nature this is what Germans are saying. They said that after World War II, not one German leader ever worshipped Hitler or the Nazis.”

For one, the opinion of German nationals really has no bearing what-so-ever on matters between China and Japan, but that’s besides the point.

Actually, they do have bearing and you know that. Germany and Japan were allies in WWII and each has handled their after war efforts to apologies and make amends if very different ways. Most feel Germany has done an admirable job apologizing and working to right the wrongs it committed. This is contrary to Japan where, to those who are affected, feel that Japan has done the bare minimum it could get away with in apologizing and making amends.

There is a common misunderstanding amongst many people, actually I don’t think it’s a misunderstanding, it’s an intentional lie. Imperial Japan was NOT Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan was Imperial England. Imperial Japan was Imperial Spain. Imperial Japan was America. At no point was the goal to exterminate a race of people. As much as your leaders would like to tell you otherwise, it is a lie, it’s rather pathetic that news services feel no obligation to point that out when they quote a lying communist pig dog who’s sole purpose is to create hate for the entire Japanese race so he can continue to commit genocide in Mongolia, Tibet, and the area’s around North Korea.
During a time when imperialism was waning, Japan was an aggressor nation of particular intensity. It would be more appropriate to equate them to ancient Rome and the barbarous ways they treated those who conquered. Remember, it was at this time that Woodrow Wilson made his famous "14 points" speech to congress declaring the importance or respecting all nations and allowing them their self rule. He was basically declaring the end of the era of imperialism.

You are correct when you say that they were not out to exterminate a race of people. Instead, they were out to create a race of people subservient to their needs, people educated in what was necessary to make Japan a major power and the lives of the people of Japan comfortable no matter what the wishes or needs of those conquered. They tried to commit cultural genocide, erasing the history and cultures of those they oppressed replacing it with a culture of subservience to Japan.

I have no problem with your criticism of China and their leaders. Their oppression of other nations and peoples is nauseating and the worlds continued acceptance of it galling. But trying to minimize Japan's actions in the name of condemning China is wrong and one of the biggest mistakes that Japnophiles continue to make.

What happened during the war, is what happens during war, people die in war, and that is why war is wrong. That is why there is a shrine to the 2.5 million that have died. Yasukuni is not a war shrine, it is a peace shrine. It is not a shrine to go and pray for wars, it is a shrine to pay for those lost to war, and to remind everyone that the only thing that comes from war is death.
What happened during WWII were some of the worst war crimes seen in modern day. Japan had no regard for those conqured and their treatment of POWs was despicable. Yes, war is hell, but war is not always wrong. Just think if the US had decided to stay out of WWII or only fought in the Pacific what a different, horrible place this world might be. Japan's actions during the war added to the misery of it and their leaders bear what I consider the unforgivable guilt for the millions that died needlessly and/or horrifically because of their decisions.

People will criticize the Japanese and say that they only have memorials for their own dead, and not the dead of others. One, that’s not true and two, it’s easier for someone to relate to someone like themselves. I challenge you to find a war memorial for the Vietnamese or the Korean, or even the Native Americans that died at the hand of America. I challenge you to find a memorial to the millions of her own people China has killed. That’s not the war the world works, why should Japan be held to different standards? I’m sure you’ll say, “oh well Germany does this and that”, but you missed the part where Germany and Japan aren’t the same country.
In Vietnam, the US took over for the ineffective French in a misguided war. In Korea, the US was saving the South from Northern aggression, and actually, it was a UN action, not a US action. Myself, living in southwestern US has seen plenty of shrines to the Native Americans, they are all over this area of the US.

This kind of reminds me of a recent comment on my site where a person tried to forgive the abysmal teaching of WWII history in Japan to Korea not teaching about alleged atrocities it committed during the Vietnam War. Equating the two is ridiculous, the scale of the two is incomparable. Lets try and keep things in perspective. WWII was a conflict of unimaginable scale and magnitude. Comparing it with other conflicts is completely disingenuous.

People will criticize Yasukuni and say that it makes excuses and tries to justify the war because it says Japan went to war because it felt it was pressured and had otherwise it was going to be attacked and colonized by the west. Hey, idiots, that’s what the people at the time thought. Just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t mean you can change it. After watching all of Asia be colonized by the west, the Japanese naturally feared they were next. The goal of the leaders of the time was to create a massive empire that would not be colonized. Is that an attempt to justify the war? Yes, it is. That is why Japan went to war/started colonizing. You can say that the leaders of the time’s interpretation of the world was wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that that is how they interpreted the situation. It doesn’t change the fact that that was their reason for going to war. You need to get this lie out of your head that Japan was committing genocide.
The goal of Japan was to rule the East and to make themselves the super power of that area of the world. It wasn't done out of fear, it was done out of greed. The rest of the world was embroiled in Europe and what was happening there, Asia was a side note and Japan knew this. Japan was taking advantage of the situation to try and expand and rule that part of the world, something they had tried in the past, it was nothing new. Japan saw China as weak, Korea as weak, the Philippines as weak and Russia as being far to weak to oppose what they wanted to do. They knew France, Great Britain and others were having their own problems and the only western nation that might cause problems was the United States. Japan gambled that they could attack the US and force a quick truce or treaty granting them all the lands they currently held as well as others. They lost this gamble. But trying to blame it on fear is wrong and is Japan's current right-wing nationalists way of trying to justify their actions. It is the current nationalistic nuts in Japan that are trying to re-write history here.

If you study the periods before the war and the negotiations as well as communications between the great nations, you realize that they were trying to appease Japan. Nobody wanted war with them, especially after they saw the ease with which Japan took care of Russia in various battles. Japan's biggest problem was they wanted it all and wasn't willing to recognize the influence of other nations in the region or even the concept of sovereignty as it pertained to nations that Japan felt it could conquer. Again, fear had little or nothing to do with Japan's actions at the time.

You people also need to realize that Japan 60 years ago is not Japan today. Japan is a democracy that has never once wagged war. Imperial Japan was a military run dictatorship. Once that government was conquered, Japan has been infinitely more peaceful then China, China which current government has invaded Vietnam, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia and continues to commit genocide inside it’s own borders. The problem is not Japan or the Japanese race as you want ever so to believe, the problem is corrupt governments. The people of Asia and the World should all come together to realize that. Unfortunately, these are some of the worlds most corrupt governments and they need to create this false enemy so they can continue to go on being corrupt.
You are right, Japan isn't the same country that it was 60 year ago. If it was, it would have ceased to exist as there isn't a nation willing to allow it to happen again. Unfortunately, there are those in leadership in Japan that want to glorify its past actions instead of condemning them. There has been a recent push to justify Japan's past actions and to vilify Korea and China. This can been seen in best selling books and cartoon books, that instead of disgusting the average person seems to resonate somewhere inside of them. It is these, as well as other, actions, words and deeds that keep Japan from being the leader in Asia that it should be.

I don't think there is anyone that feels China's government is favorable to Japan's and if push comes to shove, the majority of Japan's neighbors would support Japan in a conflict with China. The problem, again, is these stupid actions that certain leaders of Japan continue to make that causes mistrust and unease.

Another problem is Japnophiles continued comparison of the governments of Japan and China. They seem to think that if China does something, Japan is justified in its actions. For example, if China doesn't teach its history correctly, well then Japan can be forgiven for its lack of historical accuracy in its textbooks. This is patently wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG. Does Japan, a democracy of peaceful people want to compare itself with communist dictatorship? Does it really want to use that as its scale of good and bad? Comparing the actions of the two governments is absurd. Japan should always hold itself to a much higher standard than China. Is it appropriate for Japan to point out the inconsistencies of what China teaches in its schools? Certainly. But using that to justify their own inaccuracies is just wrong. Again, Japan is a peaceful that should have higher standards. How hard is this to understand?

China has the worlds most military personal at 2.25 million, and it calls Japan, with a self-defense force of 250,000 a threat. Are you kidding me with that? Oh wait, Japan spends more then China does on defense, therefor it’s a threat. Huh? Chinese money is worth nothing. You can get a lot for nothing, that is why everything in the world is made in China, because it’s dirt poor. Japan spends 1% of it’s money on defense, that number comes out to $50 billion USD/year. China spends 1.4% at $30 billion USD/year. USD $30 billion will go a lot farther in China then it will in Japan. Also take into consideration that 40% of Japan’s spending goes to paying it’s ‘troops’ while something like 5% of China’s budget goes to pay. Now we look at equipment. Japan is forced to buy American stuff, while China buys Russian stuff. Russian equipment is about one-third the price of the equivalent American equipment.
The biggest problem with Japan's military spending is Japans insistence that it is only being spent on a defensive force. Let's face it, Japan has a small, but kickass military. It should recognize that and let it go. Yes, some neighbors will be upset at this but if Japan would take care of its relations with countries like Korea, it would be less of a concern. Also, who would you rather buy from, the US or Russia?

Face it, China is creating a false enemy in Japan so it can justify such a huge military which it will use to invade Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Okinawa and then Mainland Japan in that order. After-all, China’s constitution defines China as whatever it wants it to be. The policy of “Taiwan, you’re China and we’ll kill every last one of you until you realize it” will be applied to all lands that China believes are really it’s for the taking. All countries that had relations with China under the


system are considered by China to be Chinese territory. Guess what, every country in Asia had international relations with China under the


. Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Burma and Thailand are all countries that had relations with China, and as China does not understand the concept of international relations but only imperialism (interesting how it criticizes Japanese history of Imperialism) and are countries that will be invaded in due time if the world does not wake up and see through the lies that Japan is a force that needs to be balanced (with 10x the troops, you call that balance??) which is only a cover for China’s own plan to enslave all of Asia.
As long as the US continues to defend the free countries of Asia, the have little to fear from China. Creating a force that can do naval invasions is far more difficult than most realize. Creating Aircraft Carrier task forces are far more difficult than people realize. The US continues to modernize its military. This is where I get tired of those that complain. They say that we are so far ahead of other nations that there is no need to continue to improve and spend so much money on our military and military research. What they are missing is that this huge discrepancy is what helps keep peace in the world. No matter how you feel about the current conflict in Iraq, one thing it did was make many nations, China especially, realize just how big of an advantage the US has when it comes to the military. People seem to forget that Iraq had the latest and greatest from Russia, all of which was decimated in 48 hours. The only difference with China would magnitude. The destruction would be the same.

China will always have a large land force but, in my opinion, will never be able to catch up to the US and its allies when it comes to modernization. China is spending a ton of money trying to upgrade but it will all come crashing down, they just don't have the infrastructure to continue this kind of spending. Of course, all nations need to be diligent and watchful when it comes to China, but I feel it is far more likely that internal conflicts will rip China apart rather than China being able to invade its neighbors. Reacting to China's bellicose statements is just about as fruitless as reacting to the pronouncements that come from North Korea.

As far as poor, misunderstood Japan goes, give me a break. Japan needs, like I've said a million times already, to own up to its past, take full and complete responsibility for its actions, give reparations to any currently living victims of its past actions, have a full and complete apology that comes from the Diet and voted on by the citizens of Japan, and teach a full and proper history of its past actions in its schools. I could list more, but I've done it before. If you are interested in what I feel Japan needs to do, read it here.

Oh, Darin, l love the new look to your blog. Much more user friendly than it used to be.