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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Michelle Wie is kicking butt!

Michelle Wie is truly amazing. She can smack the crap out of that ball and is taking the pro tour by storm. She is now the #2 ranked womens golfer behind only Annika Sorenstam.

I always wonder how she is treated on the tour by other golfers. I'm sure there is some resentment at her 'instant' fame and some major jealousy. My daughter, a good golfer for her age, loves Michelle. Here's hoping she continues to be a good role model for younger girls.

The world women's golf rankings were newly introduced on Feb. 21 with Wie in third place. After her performance in the Fields Open, where she earned US$73,227 in prize money for the first time as a pro golfer, she has now moved up to second. However, the point difference between Wie and Sweden’s Annika Sorenstam (18.47 points) is still large .

The U.S. press is full of bets that Wie could be a big winner at the LPGA. MSNBC’s online edition on Wednesday quoted golf expert Jim McCabe as saying, “Wie will win an LPGA event this year.” McCabe said Wie was feeling a lot of pressure and would have to face "a built-in wall of jealousy surrounding her,” but her performance would improve through more competition. Due to age limitations, Wie will participate in seven or eight of the LPGA events this year, but she should be able to make it into the top 30 or 40 as far as prize money goes, he added.
Keep it up Michelle!