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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Koizumi, lewd and crude

It has been said that former President Clinton has a propensity for telling lewd and crude stories. There was an article soon after he left office in, I think it was the Village Voice, describing just how disgusted a female reporter who was reporting on him after his presidency was at his language and the way he talked about women. Well, it seems like he's got NOTHING on Koizumi.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's meeting in November last year with Greek counterpart Kostas Karamanlis raised barely a ripple in the media, but Asahi Geino (3/23) says their talks bordered on the filthy as Japan's premier let loose with the lechery those close to him say he is known for.

"Their roughly 40-minute meeting was filled with dirty talk. Someone on the prime minister's side has issued a strict order that what went on never be made public," an insider from Nagatacho, the Tokyo district that forms the Japanese political heart, tells Asahi Geino. "Koizumi started off with the usual, polite greetings. You know, 'I'm pleased to meet you' and 'welcome.' Then he turned to Prime Minister Karamanlis and said, 'You Greeks are pretty amazing.' The prime minister didn't have a clue what he was talking about, so Koizumi turned to him and said, 'Sex. It looks like the Greeks are pretty good at sex.'"
Yes, another wonderful side of Koizumi. Of course, so many people think character isn't important so most of you can just ignore this post.

"Their conversation was carried out through interpreters. The interpreter was worried about how much they should translate and was at a loss. Koizumi's excitement persisted through the meeting and the interpreter duly passed on just about all the dirty things the premier was talking about, including when he said to Karamanlis, 'Frankly, I'm jealous of you guys.' Karamanlis then got in on the act, saying, 'Well, when I was younger...but now I have a wife.' And things went on like that for a while. They laughed about how when they were young, the moment they finished having sex once, they were ready straight away to have it again."

Karamanlis had come to Japan to talk about things like the economy, but instead had a schoolboys' session with Koizumi, the lowbrow men's weekly says. Koizumi, meanwhile, seems to have been acting in what is for him fairly regular behavior.

"On his days off, Koizumi likes walking around the garden of the New Prime Minister's Official Residence, which is located beside the old residence. He sings opera songs at the top of his voice while on these strolls. But, apparently, he also romps around wearing only his undies," a source from Koizumi's ruling Liberal Democratic Party tells Asahi Geino. "The prime minister is under enormous stress and I guess that's the way he relieves it."

Koizumi is supposedly quick with quips that make others queasy, especially when it comes to talking about racy topics. Those at a monthly lunch the prime minister holds at his residence for the heads of the country's top bureaucracies ended up getting a serving of sauciness from Koizumi, which definitely wasn't the type of topping they wanted when they were tucking into raw fish.

"He'll pick up something from a boxed lunch and remark how it resembles female genitalia, or how it can improve your libido," a political beat desk editor says. "He'll see some meat and start talking about his meat, telling stories that are too rude to even repeat."
Did this guy ever get past the 6th grade? Sounds like a 12 year old with his buddies and dad's playboy. A leader to truly be proud of... disgusting.