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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Japan's Ambassador To Korea Gives Speech of Friendship

Much more circumspect than the last ambassador.

Japanese Ambassador Shintaro Oshima has said that Japan will never make a rightward turn for militarization and imperialism.
He made the remarks during a lecture tiled ``Korea-Japan Relations and East Asia’’ at Kongju University in South Chungchong Province on March 22.

Oshima said the existing misunderstanding of Japan does not match with the reality of it following the road of 60 years of peace and prosperity.

``International crimes of terrorism and drugs, as well as the energy and nuclear crises are global issues we must confront together and our common values of liberal democracy, market economy and the rule of law are what is important,’’ he said.

As compared with the even the robust Korea-Japan exchanges in the ancient Paekche Kingdom, the two countries are now building a foundation of mutual understanding, he said.

He added, ``Henceforth the two countries can realize a Free Trade Agreement that would bring into the world an extraordinary common market.’’

While recognizing Japan caused East Asia ``suffering,’’ he said the Yasukuni Shrine visits by Japanese leaders are only to pay respects to those who died in Japan’s wars.

In response to a question on what he thought about the Yasukuni Shrine problem, he replied ``as Japan’s ambassador it is difficult to give my individual opinion.’’
Oh, come on, give us your opinion...