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Monday, March 06, 2006

iPod vs Samsung Z5

And the winner is... the iPod.

Did you really expect anything different?

If you didn't know it, I am a Mac fanatic. I blog on an iBook G4 using the WONDERFUL software, Ecto. I have an iPod Nano, black, 4 gb and an iPod 5th Generation 60 gb, that's the video iPod. I've probably spent $1000 in the iTunes store trying to make my collection of music and video legal. My desktop is an older G4 tower with an upgrade card, my daughter uses an older iBook and iMac, the one that has the big base and swivel screen. I have a PC laptop for certain software that I need to use and 2 PC desktops for a lot of Korean specific software. The company that I purchased our PC desktop computers from has recently declared bankruptcy, annoying me to no end. Luckily, the company that I got my PC laptop from is still in business and I recommend them to anyone that, unfortunately, has to have a PC laptop. My wife and daughter both have Nano iPods, same as mine and my daughter also has a generation 3 iPod, a gift from a dear friend, as well as a 1gb shuffle that she takes to school and dance class. I've given her about $500 worth of iTunes gift cards to keep her legal as well. So, yes, we are a Macintosh family.

Now, saying that, we also have 3 different iRiver mp3 players and the original iRiver video player that was 20 gb and a royal pain in the butt to use and get video converted to work on it.

So, in my opinion, nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to the iPod family of mp3 and video players. They rock! Others seems to feel the same.

However, although it's an impressive look, it seems to fall down on usability. Initial field-testing shows the Z5's control system to be much less intuitive than the iPod's. Of the three people we've shown the Z5 to, two thought the interface was confusing, and one got to grips with it quickly but condemned it, predictably, for not being "as good as the iPod". These are hard times for any MP3 player manufacturer, but for the love of God, you've got to create something at least equal to the Apple Clickwheel if you're going to have any chance in a fight to the death with the fearsome Podiator.

Will the Z5 beat the iPod in our upcoming review, or will it -- as first impressions suggest -- win the disappointing victory of being known as 'by far the best MP3 player that is not an iPod'? Wait and find out.
Yep, it seems like everyone is competing for 2nd place.

The Samsung Z5

The Apple Nano