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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Okay, this is definitely not a subject that would normally be brought up on my blog, but it is something I have been reading about lately.

A few years ago, a good, intelligent, maybe even genius level friend of mine all of a sudden quit his work of nearly 10 years. He had been working in an AIDS/HIV related field. I didn't think much of it until a discussion one evening when he told me of his belief that AIDS and HIV were not related and that this entire industry is a fraud. Needless to say, this blew me away. I knew little about this anyway, probably as much as the average person, but this seemed like tinfoil hat stuff in the extreme.

I let it go at that and really didn't think much more about it. Lately, a good friend, blogger, fellow founder of Operation Give, and all around great guy has been blogging about this exact issue. He has taken a lot of flack for his stance that HIV and AIDS are unrelated or, at the least, a lot more research needs to be done before stating that the relationship is solid. I've read most of his posts and followed his links. Reputable scientists, albeit a small minority compared to the rest, are questioning the whole foundation of the AIDS / HIV relationship. It is fascinating stuff and not your usual conspiracy theory nutjob folks that are saying these things.

Dean has a new article up, linking to another scientist that has recently come to the same conclusion after 10 years in the field.

As I write this, in the late winter of 2006, we are more than twenty years into the AIDS era. Like many, a large part of my life has been irreversibly affected by AIDS. My entire adolescence and adult life – as well as the lives of many of my peers – has been overshadowed by the belief in a deadly, sexually transmittable pathogen and the attendant fear of intimacy and lack of trust that belief engenders.

To add to this impact, my chosen career has developed around the HIV model of AIDS. I received my Ph.D. in 2002 for my work constructing mathematical models of HIV infection, a field of study I entered in 1996. Just ten years later, it might seem early for me to be looking back on and seriously reconsidering my chosen field, yet here I am.

I'm not saying that there is no relationship between HIV and AIDS. What I do think is that there are some serious questions by some knowledgeable people that need to be seriously addressed. Unfortunately, the AIDS industry is so incredibly large and powerful, I doubt it will happen. Meanwhile, millions continue to die.

To read more about this, writing that is rational and thoughtful, I suggest starting here. It will definitely make you re-examine your current way of thinking.

UPDATE: Welcome Dean Esmay readers. I've been asked what my friend did in the AIDS industry. He was lead engineer in developing an at home HIV test. I've asked him if he would be willing to write about this and I'm waiting for the answer.