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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ecto, the ONLY blogging tool for the serious blogger!

Folks, I need to give this company a huge plug. Using a Mac, sometimes it is hard to blog as most online tools are made to be used with a PC. I tried just about every blogging tool out there for the Mac until I came upon Ecto. I've fallen in love. Ecto is the PERFECT blogging tool. It allows you to tweak your text however you want it, insert links, pictures, whatever. Melds perfectly with iPhoto and iTunes. Keeps a back up of EVERY post you've ever made and will go in and pull all your old ones out so they are saved as well. We all know how important that is! Next, it is SIMPLE to use. Ever used a word processor? You can use Ecto.

I know there is a PC version as well, but I've never used it. I'm sure it is just as wonderful.

Anyway, there is my plug. If you blog, you NEED Ecto. Go get it NOW!