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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Courts Reject Chinese Slaves Their Due

The BASTARDS rejected the claim against Japan and Mitsubuishi. Why? Too much time had elapsed supposedly. What a JOKE! Everytime I think Japan gets something right, they go and do this. Japan will become the pariah of Asia if this keeps up.

A court on Wednesday rejected demands for compensation by 45 Chinese men forced to perform slave labor at Japanese coal mines during World War II, saying the current government is not responsible for actions during that era, officials said.

The Fukuoka District Court turned down the suit seeking $9 million from Mitsui Mining Co., Mitsubishi Materials Corp. and the Japanese government, court official Masayuki Morita said.

The court also dismissed the plaintiffs' demand for a published apology, he said, refusing to provide further details of the ruling.

The laborers were brought to Fukuoka, 560 miles southwest of Tokyo, from China and worked without getting paid at Mitsui Miike mine and Mitusbishi Iizuka mine between 1943 and 1945, according to Hajime Matsuoka, one of lawyers representing the group.

The court acknowledged that the government and companies had committed an illegal act by bringing the Chinese to Japan against their will and forcing them to work, said Taizo Morita, another lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

However, the court denied the plaintiffs' claim by saying that the deadline for filing compensation claims - usually 20 years under Japanese law - had expired, he said.

The ruling also said that Tokyo doesn't have to compensate the victims because it isn't responsible for the wrongdoing of its wartime leaders, who were following a prewar constitution, Taizo Morita added.
This makes me want to puke.