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Thursday, March 02, 2006

China Targets Japan, Japan Businesses Say, "Go China!"

China is trying hard to modernize its military and stepping up clandestine activities targeting Japan, Japan's top police officer was quoted as saying on Thursday.


"China is trying very hard to make its military high-tech and stepping up its maneuvering activities targeting Japan," Kyodo quoted Uruma as telling reporters.

China knows the biggest threat to their controlling Asia, outside of the US, is Japan. The US is always an unknown factor, it depends on who is leading the US and the current opinion of the populace. China can bide its time, wait for a period where the US is lethargic and its commitment to Asia, especially Taiwan in a lull. Japan though will always be there, always be alert and always a danger to Chinese dominance.

It must be galling for those in Japan charged with countering Chinese aggression when they see their own people aiding China.

Uruma vowed to crack down on illegal exports to China.

"Machines whose exports are controlled (under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law) might be used to develop weapons of mass destruction," Uruma was quoted as saying.

"We'd like to see the business world not only pursue profits but consider Japan's national interests in trade with China."

In January, Japanese police raided Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd on suspicion that it had sold China a number of small helicopters that could have military uses.

A Yamaha Motor spokesman said then that the company had exported nine unmanned crop-spraying RMAX L181 helicopters to a Chinese firm called BVE. But he said the helicopters could not be modified for military use because of their flying ranges and for other technical reasons.

In February, Tokyo police raided another Japanese company suspected of exporting equipment that could be used in producing nuclear weapons.

Way to go Japanese companies! Way to show that patriotic spirit! I'm sure your new Chinese masters will reward you in the end making you head boy or girl of your re-education camp work group.