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Friday, March 24, 2006

China / Japan ties worsening

This according to the outgoing Japanese ambassador to China.

Japan's outgoing ambassador to China said on Friday that he saw worrying signs of a worsening in the way people in Japan and China regarded each other.

Ties have been frayed since Junichiro Koizumi became Japanese prime minister in 2001 and began annual visits to a Tokyo war shrine that critics say symbolizes Japan's past militarism.
Thank you. Way to go Japan and Koizumi! Let's go out of our way to make enemies!

Ambassador Koreshige Anami said in Beijing on Friday that, while the history issue was a serious matter in bilateral ties, he was more concerned about the way ordinary Chinese and Japanese felt about each other.

"I think what is an even more serious issue is that the thoughts of the people of both countries are growing distant," Anami told a news conference in Beijing, part of which was aired by the NHK network
That is interesting. We'll see if a new PM brings about changes, either better or worse.