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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Korea's national baseball team has been caught cheating! Well, not the entire team, but one of the pitchers has tested positive for a banned substance!

Korean pitcher Myung Hwan Park is the first player who tested positive for drug use and was thus ejected from the World Baseball Classic, the tournament directors announced on Friday night.

Park, who made one relief appearance for the 6-0 Koreans, pitching two innings of scoreless, hitless ball, while hitting a batter, walking two and striking out three.

By virtue of the rules governing the tournament, Park is banned from international competition for the next two years. If he tests positively a second time, Park is banned for life.
Put an asterisk by that win now. It was probably because Hwang Woo-suk brewed up something he assured them couldn't be detected and we now know how reliable he is!

Gah, this just puts a taint on their entire winning streak now. Way to go moron! Way to put a cloud over the entire team. Of course, I'm sure we'll see a Park Myung-hwan fan club out there saying he was framed.