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Saturday, March 18, 2006

4 teens Burn Homeless Man to Death

This is just gruesome, but there is a reason I'm posting it. I'm tired of all the "look how violent Koreans are" bit. Violence happens everywhere in every culture. What you have though is a government in Japan trying to portray Koreans as an exception. Trying to say they are too emotionally unstable to deal with. It's a ploy of, if we say it enough, others will come to accept it as true. Well, I'm tired of it. Are Korean's emotional? Sure they are, maybe more than others. But it isn't so extreme that calm discussion can't take place. There are exceptions to every situation and the leaders of Japan are quick to point those out. But that is what they are, exceptions! Let's try to remember that in our discussions.

Four boys arrested in the grisly torching death of a disabled homeless man said they did it because he had reacted angrily to their earlier acts of rock-throwing and verbal abuse, police said.

Makoto Amazutsumi, 60, suffered an agonizing death last October when a group of four teenage boys surrounded him and tossed Molotov cocktails at him.

Amazutsumi had lived for years in the same spot, under a bridge over the Yumesakigawa river in Himeji, police said.

Two boys, an 18-year-old third-grade senior high school student who was the apparent leader of the gang, and a 15-year-old third-year junior high school student in the city, were arrested Thursday on suspicion of murder and in connection with violations of a law on firebombs.

Two other boys, both 16, who are in custody in a separate extortion case, were rearrested Friday for their alleged role in the slaying.

Police said the boys had admitted killing the homeless man.

The 18-year-old instructed the other boys to prepare firebombs to teach Amazutsumi a lesson for having had the cheek to answer back when they abused him earlier, police said.
So now, should we assume that all Japanese teens are going to violently explode at us for chastising them? Here it is, in the news. Look how emotionally unstable and how violent these Japanese kids are! They must all be like that!

Of course that isn't true, and it isn't true of Koreans either. It's time to stop the stereotyping and have some full, productive discussions.