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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Toby Dawson's win lost in a myriad of parental claims

I'm truly disgusted by this. Toby is a champion, his parents are American and they raised him well. It disgusts me to see all of these people come out of the woodwork claiming to be his biological parents or relatives. Leave him alone already. He was abandoned for goodness sake, don't these people have any shame? Thank goodness for the Holt adoption agency letting everyone know that if his biological parents had wanted to find him it wouldn't have been hard, showing the lie of those claiming to have searched for him so long ago.

If Toby wants to find his biological parents, that's his business, otherwise, people should just shut the hell up.

However, a Holt Children’s Services official who helped Dawson get adopted said, “After Dawson was found as a missing child in Beomi-dong (currently, Beomil-dong), Dong-gu, Busan, on September 23, 1981, he stayed at the temporary home for children, which was the only home for missing children in Busan. If his parents had wanted to find him, they could not have failed.”

Other parental claims are coming out of the woodwork. A Mrs. Cho, who claims that she is Dawson’s aunt, says that Dawson’s real name is Cho Chang-hun and that he was abandoned in January 1981 after being born at a hospital in Gupo-dong, Busan, and that he has a big spot on his chest.

Currently, Holt Children’s Services and media outlets have received around 10 claims from people who say that they are his biological parents or relatives.

Dawson is scheduled to visit Korea on February 26 in order to participate in the International Ski Federation World Cup that will be held in Yongin-city, Gyeonggi Province on March 1.

Seol Eun-hui (33), a social worker at Holt Children’s Services said, “In case many people turn up insisting that they are his parents and relatives and turn out not to be the ones in the end, he will be greatly shocked and disappointed. Before meeting him, they should take paternity DNA test.”

They shouldn't meet him at all unless he shows interest and requests it to happen. Otherwise, again, leave him alone, let him compete and be proud of what he has done.

UPDATE: According to Lost Nomad, Toby Dawson has cancelled his planned trip to Korea. Read his post for the disgusting details.