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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tian vs. Cosmopolitan

And the winner is... Tian!

Who is Tian? He's the blogger who runs Hanzi Smatter, one of the most hilarious blogs around. I've mentioned it before, but bring it up again because of his post taking on the magazine Cosmopolitan. For those that don't know, hanzi smatter is a blog devoted to translating the Chinese character tattoos that many morons have. If you think is funny, its got NOTHING on hanzi smatter.

Cosmo writes:

This stud craves mystery in his life, so expect surprises, whether it's a last-minute getaway or an out-of-the-box erotic move. “Since few will know the translation of his chosen character, he relishes the opportunity to explain the hidden meaning behind it," says Green. "He uses the symbol to give people insight into his personality and what he's all about."
I'll let you read Tian's reply on your own.

Warning, his language is a bit harsh.