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Friday, February 03, 2006

Possible Trade War?

Following on the heels of my previous beef post, it is looking more and more like the US just isn't going to stand for this protectionist crap.

Let's be honest, this really is nothing more than protectionism disguised as a health issue. There has NEVER been a case of mad cow disease from eating US beef. There was ONE cow, yes ONE, found in the US to have mad cow disease and that cow was traced back to Canada. Knowing this, the ban that Japan has imposed on US beef is ridiculous. It is protectionism for Japan's cattle producers. Nothing more. The US has FINALLY recognized this and will not take it any longer!

US Ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer said that the congress has run out of patience. He futher added:

"What would be extremely unfortunate is if this somehow becomes the spark that sets off a trade war," Schieffer told a small group of journalists.

"There is no question in my mind that the American Congress has run out of patience on this issue, and that's not a good situation," he added.

Get rid of the ban already and get back to life as usual.

In fact, any country banning US beef should come under heavy scrutiny and pressue to end it now. If not, let the sanctions begin!