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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Korean Youth a Bunch of Morons!


Almost half of juniors surveyed, who will get their first voting rights in the 2007 presidential election, said in a recent poll that South Korea should side with North Korea if Washington attacks nuclear facilities in the North without Seoul's consent.
But wait, there's more!

In the survey of 1,000 youngsters aged between 18 and 23, conducted by The Korea Times and its sister paper the Hankook Ilbo on Feb. 16-19, nearly 48 percent of respondents said that if the U.S. attacked nuclear facilities in North Korea, Seoul should act on Pyongyang's behalf and demand Washington stop the attack.

But 40.7 percent of them said Seoul should keep a neutral stance in the event of such attacks, while 11.6 percent said South Korea needs to act in concert with the United States.

Only 11% would back the US?

Now, I can understand part of this. It would piss me off if I was in Seoul and the US attacked the North. There is a good chance my home would be nailed in that case. Still, backing the North in that kind of a situation galls me to no end.

And more...

Peaceful unification was the most preferred method of reintegrating the two Koreas, receiving the approval of 54.1 percent of respondents. But 35.5 percent said they have no problem in maintaining the status quo if the two sides can coexist peacefully.

Nearly 40 percent of respondents chose China as the partner most important for South Korea to keep friendly relations with. The United States came next with 18.4 percent and North Korea came third with 18 percent.

Oh yes, lets maintain the status quo and forget all those who are in prison or starving to death. The apathy of Koreans has always annoyed me.

Half of the respondents considered themselves ``progressive'' (50.1 percent), while 21.1 percent of them said they are ``conservative.''
Progressive, right. Can we say ultraliberal? It will be fascinating to see what happens in the next election.