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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Korean School Uniforms Cause Protest

Parents aren't protesting the fact that the students have to wear uniforms, they are protesting the high cost, and who can blame them!

Personally, I like the idea of uniforms and don't feel they are a bad thing. But, they should certainly not be this expensive! Shame on the schools and the industry for charging such outrageous prices.

A 43 year-old housewife, who wanted to be identified by only her last name, Kang, got a shock when she was going through a pamphlet about school uniforms in order to buy one for her daughter, who enters middle school next month.

``I was so surprised at how expensive school uniforms are. Winter uniforms cost around 300,000 won ($306) and summer ones are 200,000 won. That's more expensive than a suit I bought for my husband in December,'' said Kang, who lives in the affluent Kangnam area, southern Seoul.


A 15 year-old middle school student, who wanted to be known only by his family name, Choi, goes to school in a uniform he was given by a senior student for free a year ago.

He lives with just his grandmother in northern Seoul, and the family lives on a small monthly allowance from the government.

``I cannot ask my grandma to buy me a new school uniform that costs as much as 400,000 won. I have received used uniforms from senior students over the past two years, but I am okay with it,'' Choi said with a grin.
Read the entire article to get the full impact of the problem.