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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Japan Has No War Criminals

It's comforting to know that Japan's foreign minister and the person in line to succeed Koizumi believe that Japan's war criminals really aren't criminals at all. That should sooth the souls of the millions killed on their orders.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, one of the strongest candidates for the next Japanese Prime Minister, and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso have claimed that Japanese Class-A war criminals are not actually criminals according to Japanese civil law.

According to Mainichi Shimbun, Abe and Aso stated the above in response to a question raised by former Japanese Democratic Party leader Katsuya Okada at a Lower House budget committee meeting on February 14.


Abe developed his own logic, saying that the trial for war criminals in Tokyo was held by the Allied Nations, not by the Japanese government, and that Japan’s Class-A criminals are not criminals by Japanese standards.
Are these really the people Japan wants leading their nation and being seen by the other nations of the world?